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What Is Prosthodontics?

In dentistry, there is maintenance, there is repair, and there is restoration. A prosthodontist takes a step back to see the big picture, designing and overseeing your entire dental restoration treatment plan. Before any treatment plan is developed, there is investigative work to be done. How did the teeth get this way? What is causing the damage? Are there any other related issues? Just fixing the symptoms is not solving the problem.

Prosthodontics is the only dental specialty recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA) devoted to restoring both the functionality and aesthetics of your teeth and mouth. A prosthodontist completes a three- to four-year ADA-accredited residency program after graduating from dental school. In addition to general dentistry, the prosthodontist has had extensive training in treating traumatic injuries to oral structures, temporomandibular (TMJ) disorders of the jaw, and congenital or birth anomalies such as cleft palate, as well as oral cancer reconstruction.

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